JAIPUR: The percentage of fully immunized children in the age group 12-23 months has increased noticeably in the state, points out the recently released annual health survey (AHS) 2012-13.

Measles vaccination is estimated to have averted 13·8 million deaths between 2000 and 2012. Persisting heterogeneity in coverage is a major contributor to continued measles mortality, and a barrier to measles elimination and introduction of rubella-containing vaccine. Our objective is to identify determinants of inequities in coverage, and how vaccine delivery must change to achieve elimination goals, which is a focus of the WHO Decade of Vaccines.

Almost 80 per cent of the 796 children who died in the Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam did not live to see their first birthday.

More adults in the city are being diagnosed with measles infection with the majority falling under the age-group of 20-30 years.

PANAJI: Goa is set to launch a 'measles surveillance' programme as part of a nation-wide drive to eliminate measles and Rubella by 2020.

Two more children died of measles near Sujawal in Sindh on Thursday.
The deceased were identified as five-year-old Samar and eight-month-old Mahnoor in Dor area of Sujawal.

‘Four hundred cases have been reported from the city’.

Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed on Thursday formed several committees to look into various health issues, particularly, the ‘brain-eating amoeba’ — naegleria fowleri — after the death of a m

Measles in the U.S.

Officials said a survey found out of 450 patients admitted for measles, many had taken vaccines as per schedule.