We isolated eight highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza viruses (H5N8 HPAIVs) in the 2014/15 winter season at an overwintering site of migratory birds in Japan. Genetic analyses revealed that these isolates were divided into three groups, indicating the co-circulation of three genetic groups of H5N8 HPAIV among these migratory birds. These results also imply the possibility of global redistribution of the H5N8 HPAIVs via the migration of these birds next winter.

PESHAWAR - Environmentalists are observing an alarming decrease in number of migratory birds visiting Pakistan every year during their long journey from Siberia to India crossing Pakistan.

Bokaro: Migration of Siberian birds to dams and water reservoirs in the state during winter has no bearing in reality.

The number of birds migrating to South Karnataka from Siberia and Mongolia before the onset of winter has dwindled by more than half over the last two decades, the tentative figures for 2015 show.

Precautionary step taken due to fear of bird flu outbreak

lake of death: Hundreds of dead fish float in Jakkur lake.

To understand the diverse habitats of migratory birds and make comparison studies, the bird watchers’ team of Nature Society of Tirupur, that has been studying the arrival-departure patterns of suc

A population-estimation exercise for migratory and residents birds in wetlands in and around the city will commence on January 11.

After being pulled up by the Uttarakhand high court for not implementing central government orders on sand mining, the state government on Thursday assured the court that it will enforce all regula

Environmental activists in the city have initiated a study on the various types of birds in the city that will involve a six-month long survey during the migrating season of the birds from November