DEHRA DUN: Conquerors of ecologically ravaged sites across the country will assemble to pool their experiences and give a new direction to scientific rejuvenation of ecologically degraded sites at a three-day eco-exhibition and seminar to be held at the Territorial Army Group Headquarters in Lucknow from March 21.
Lost ecology

Finally, Shimla and other high ranges of Himachal experienced first snowfall of the season, breaking the prolonged dry spell.

The snowfall eluded Shimla on Christmas and New Year and for the third year in a row, then State capital received first moderate snowfall during second week of February.

In the hill areas, the traditional systems of dependence on forest products like fuel for their households and fodder for their livestock has an important bearing on the status of Himalayan watersheds. The population of livestock is therefore also significant. The fuel and fodder requirements of the hill people are important routine activities for which women/children spend long hours of their day-to-day life.

Faint Flappings Of the 78 endangered bird species in India, 13 are at extreme risk. * 1) Himalayan Quail

This communication is the first attempt at contributing to monitoring and systematic gathering of information on the heavy metal profile of the environment, i.e. retrospective study of the environmental metal data (Pb, Fe, Zn, Cd and Ni) of the past 100 years, i.e. 1895

How do you define and measure sustainable development? A host of non governmental organisations led by the Switzerland based World Conservation Union are trying to evolve a new approach to do just that

Individuals and voluntary agencies continue to make films in different parts of the country on subjects that interest them, though hardly any of these make it to the television screen.