The average household in rural India spends just 43 rupees (77 US cents) per head a day, with their urban equivalents consuming almost double, according to new government data.

The latest study from the National Sample Survey Office, a huge undertaking every two years, shows that average monthly per capita expenditure for a rural household was just 1,281 rupees compared with 2,401 rupees in cities.

LUCKNOW: Objections have been raised over the inadequacy of the proposed National Food Security Bill which is proposed by the UPA government.

Hygiene and sanitation will be the focus of the next round of sample survey across the country that will begin on July 1.

K.P. Unnikrishnan, Deputy Director-General, National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), South zone, said here on Monday that source and availability of drinking water and housing conditions too would be included in the survey. In the south of Karnataka, including Bangalore district, 76 villages and 116 urban blocks have been chosen for the survey.

LUCKNOW: The National Sample Survey Office, Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India will be conducting a survey on drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, housin

Information on the situation of farmers in the country will be collected as part of the 70th round of the National Sample Survey, to be conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) from January 2013.

“The 70th round of National Sample Survey , starting from January 2013 that will continue for the entire year will study the situation of farmers, their indebtedness and landholding positions,” said TCA Anant, Chief Statistician of India and Secretary, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation at the inaugural ceremony of three day regional training camp (June 18-20) on NSS 69th round organized here.

Per Capita Daily Consumption In State Is 65.9 Grams Against National Average Of 47.9

Gandhinagar: An authoritative report, prepared by the National Sample Survey (NSS), has revealed that per capita consumption of fat among Gujaratis has been significantly increasing over the years. However, one witnesses a reverse trend in protein intake. Carried out between June 2009 and July 2010, and published this year all over the country, the report says that per capita per day fat intake in rural Gujarat was 47.3 gram in 1993-94, which reached 56.9g in 2009-10.

Bhubaneswar: The National Sample Survey (NSS) set up in 1950 by the Centre to collect socio-economic data employing scientific sampling methods, will start its 69th round from July 1.

A ban on the use of crops with transgenic traits is unscientific and India needs new technologies to raise farm yields

Anew expert panel to identify the poor has been tasked with reviewing whether and how other criteria can be combined with the consumption basket.

The government on Thursday set up an expert technical group headed by Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) Chairman C. Rangarajan to review the Tendulkar Committee methodology for estimating poverty and overhaul the norms in keeping with the present-day prices.

The move follows all-round criticism of the Planning Commission's estimates on poverty released in this March and the controversy it generated in and outside Parliament on capping the poverty line at a daily consumption of Rs 28.65 per capita in cities and at Rs 22.42 in rural areas.