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Rapid desertification, water depletion and "abnormal" Western Disturbances, coupled with cyclonic circulations, have contributed to a "spate of dust storms" in the country in the past few month, en

In June 2015, about 53,000 people were affected by unusually severe floods in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana. The real impact of such a disaster is a product of exposure ("Who was affected?"), vulnerability ("How much did the affected households lose?"), and socioeconomic resilience ("What was their ability to cope and recover?").

"All that comes out of the tap right now is cockroaches," said Honorine Babalou, a 20-year-old textile worker.

Heavy rain killed at least two people in Nyal, a county in Southern Unity state, while hundreds have also been left homeless.

Kenya has set aside $50 million in the next financial year, starting July, to mitigate the effects of drought and floods that are now considered national disasters.

Nyeri — Four hundred and fifty pupils from Nyeri Good Shepherd Academy were forced to stay away from their classrooms after the school was flooded due to heavy rains Tuesday evening.

When heavy rains hit Kenya's capital in March, Penina Mueni's three sewing machines went underwater.

The main objectives of this report are to: assess the current state-of-the-art tools and operational practices in tropical cyclone and storm surge forecasting, assess existing operational practices at the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) and regionally, and propose recommendations for improvements in the lead times of tropical cyclone

This how-to note focuses on the management of the fiscal costs associated with natural disaster risks.

This document describes Zurich's Post-Event Review Capability (PERC) methodology to illustrate how strikingly similar challenges are faced by risk managers regardless of where they operate or the particular hazards they face.