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Gaborone – Climate experts have warned Southern African countries to brace for another drought spell as the region is expected to receive below normal rainfall from October to November this year an

Southern Africa is set to establish a regional risk insurance scheme aimed at improving its rapid response to natural disasters.

This reference manual provides in-depth knowledge on the techniques, methodologies and best practices for using geospatial information in support of decision making for disaster risk management for specific hazards.

Changing climates are outpacing some components of our food systems. Risk assessments need to account for these rates of change. Assessing risk transmission mechanisms across sectors and international boundaries and coordinating policies across governments are key steps in addressing this challenge.

In May 2015, pre-monsoon downpour of 102.6mm — an 87-year-old all-time record for maximum rainfall in a day in the month — threw rail and road traffic out of gear besides causing heavy waterlogging

Six injured, seven including a renowned doctor, missing.

A "wave of legal action" over climate change has already begun and cases will become more likely to succeed as the scientists get better at attributing extreme weather events to global warming, act

Every year thousands of fishermen in east Africa are killed in boating accidents due to intense night-time thunderstorms that whip up unexpectedly on Lake Victoria.

Cape Town - A project management team will be established to monitor and provide oversight for the proper implementation of projects and the economic use of approximately R80 million which the Nati

One person has been killed and ten others are missing in a village in Sironko district following a series of landslides that have hit eastern Uganda, the police said Thursday.