As if by magic, scientists turn brain cells into blood: an achievement that could let cells develop their own tissues

The humble nose can revolutionise the way brain diseases are currently treated

VEENA KALRA, who is with the department of paediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS , New Delhi, is conducting research to determine the lead levels in blood among children and to identify the source and magnitude of the problem of lead

There is something surprising about the way our brain organises the components of language. Kathleen Baynes, cognitive neurologist at the University of California, Davis, USA, and her colleagues

The gym? Forget it. You can body build even without getting off that comfortable couch. Mental exercise can increase strength almost as much as regular and strenuous physical practice, British

The first concrete evidence that repetitive strain injury (RSI) is caused by damage to sensory nerves by has been reported by researchers at the University of London, UK. This study shows a

Having trouble talking? Could be in your genes

A single molecule helps mice recall terrifying experiences, say European scientists. Mice that lack this protein quickly forget frightening events that normal mice can remember for days. Ricardo

Yes, we can see. A new study tells us how

how does the brain function? What are memories? How does the brain perceive the difference between Bach and Anu Malik? How are the processes of sleep, dream, awareness, problem solving and