An unusual conference focuses on sociability as an essential part of the species survival kit

Multiple sclerosis patients and stroke victims take a step towards cure

Research indicates that maternal behaviour might have something to do with the size of the brain

What guides the growth of neurons, the basic cells of the nervous system, in embryonic human beings? Neurobiologists at the University of California recently identified 2 proteins that enable

The battle of the genders intensifies as scientists discover that the differences begin, and perhaps end, at one of the human fundamentals: the brain

Radioactive tracers injected into the brains of 61 men and women show fundamental differences; the bright patches, different in the 2 sexes, are evidence of intense activity

WOMEN • Women perform better than men on tests of perceptual speed -- in which subjects must rapidly identify matching items, such as pairing a picture with its twin in a given set of

The human instinct and obsession to explore, and discover in all ways, shaped the world we know. Humans have visited virtually every desolate face on the face of Earth, have lifted off the planet to

Take a look at this scenario: researchers trying to trace the causes of the Bosnian war, in deficiencies in seratonin-reuptake mechanisms, in the brain of the Radovan Karadzic(Bosnian Serb leader),

Another viral maniac has claimed 200 lives -- including those of 75 children below the age of 10 -- in the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. The state's health department officials of suspect that