Khan Market in boulevard Delhi is said to be the most expensive real estate in India, maybe even in the world. But in this richest shopping destination, buyers do not want to pay for parking their vehicles. The shopkeepers’ association has taken the local city council to court, saying it has the right to free parking. In court, it ridiculed the connection between parking and car restraint—how can pricing of parking spaces bring down car usage in cities? The very idea was farfetched, said its lawyer to the judge. Standing in the court, I could see the judge was also bemused.

Public Roads, Govt Land Will Suffice, Says Metrolink
Ahmedabad: The fact that land acquisition has become a sensitive issue across India has apparently handed the state government a new tool to market its prized metro rail project linking Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The Gujarat government is now touting it as ‘zero land acquisition project’.

Prevailing parking rates in the city are among the lowest anywhere in the world. Car users are pampered so much that even hawkers pay double the amount to use street space. While hawkers pay Rs.100 a month as rent to the Corporation for using 20 sq. feet of public space, car owners using a parking slot every day shell out only around Rs.45 a month for the same space.

Delhi has witnessed an annual vehicular growth of 10 per cent and nearly 1,200 vehicles are registered daily, experts analysing the parking policy of the Capital said on Wednesday.

New Delhi: Even as a highlevel committee deliberates over the parking rate policy, a strong case is being made to hike parking rates in the city.

The international conference organized by CSE in New Delhi on August 17, 2011 called for a parking strategy for better management that can control traffic chaos as well as dampen parking demand & car usage.

A civil court has issued notices to the Deputy Commissioner and the Municipal Corporation after taking note of a petition that alleged mismanagement of paid parking lots in the city.

The multi-level parking lot at Sarojini Nagar Market, which was supposed to open last month, is still waiting to be inaugurated.

Scientific planning for parking in Mysore inevitable

Taking cognisance of burgeoning parking woes, the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) on Thursday resolved to frame a policy.

Encouraged by the Delhi High Court, traders of Khan Market and the NDMC have finally resolved their spat over free parking issue.