Multi-level, automated, open round-the-clock; capacity 824 cars

Delhi is all set to get its first fully automatic multi-level car parking lot, with Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath slated to inaugurate the facility at Sarojini Nagar Market on Thursda

Now, Shoppers Forced To Shell Out Up To 100, Official Rate 10 Per Hour

Parking policy for the city will be the major determinant of the fate of central areas, CBD or the downtown.

If all the 5.75 lakh cars registered in the city were to be parked on-street parallel to one another, the area that the vehicles occupy would be as much as seven per cent of Chennai. As existing regulations on parking are inadequate and the enforcement is lax, most of the vehicles in the city eat into precious space on the road.

The objective of the parking parking policy are: To encourage the people to use the public transport system by giving preferential treatment to public transport over motorized individual modes; To reduce the traffic congestion on roads; To reduce the people to obey the traffic rules and park the vehicles only on the places earmarked for the park

CHENNAI: With Chennai, like many other cities, running desperately short of parking spaces, experts suggest that parking should be treated as a commodity with appropriate pricing mechanisms for eff

According to a recent international survey carried out by real estate company Colliers International, parking rates in India are among the lowest in the world. The average cost paid by a Delhiite to park his/her vehicle is around US $ 1.32 or Rs.60 per day or US $ 33 a month. The lowest parking cost in the world is paid in Jakarta, Indonesia, at US $ 0.92 per day or US $ 27.56 a month.

With the Delhi Metro announcing a hike in existing parking charges for its parking lots in accordance with prevalent civic agency rates from this week, regular commuters who use the Metro Smart Card have a reason to rejoice. The DMRC will offer monthly parking passes to genuine metro commuters, whose parking space at the stations is taken up by non-commuters.

New Delhi: If you’ve been parking your car at a Metro station, get ready to fork out more. Delhi Metro, which has received complaints of people misusing its parking, has finally decided to act.