Delhi’s ever-increasing population has added to the parking woes in the national capital, which in turn has boosted the power of the parking mafia.

Contractors, Thugs Control Every Parking Lot And Fleece Citizens At Will

Rush hour gridlocks, haphazard parking of vehicles on the roadsides, ever-increasing levels of hazardous air pollution and traffic bottlenecks.

Dip in Municipal Corporation’s revenue as 13 parking lots on Ferozepur road merged.

Governments need to re-evaluate existing approaches to environmental norms while improving on delivery of services under existing laws to improve sustainable and inclusive governance, urged the Cen

Michael Greenstone of MIT says almost 6.28 mn population in 281 districts of India is exposed to health risks due to poor adherence to pollution standards

India’s over 121 billion strong population stands to gain almost 3.3 years of their life if all parts of the country adhere to the air quality standards laid down by the government, a new study by well-known Environment Economist Professor Michael Greenstone, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed.

सुप्रीम कोर्ट के निर्देश पर बने पर्यावरण प्रदूषण नियंत्रण प्राधिकरण (ईपीसीए) ने राजधानी दिल्ली में पार्किंग पॉलिसी लागू न होने पर नाराजगी जताई है। ईपीसीए अध्यक्ष भूरेलाल ने तीनों नगर निगमों की लापर

The BMC is set to implement a graded pay-and-park scheme for the suburbs and the island city with rates jumping up to three times, ban paid parking within 100m of educational institutions and intro

The overarching objective of the parking policy is to develop parking places and organise parking activities for all types of modes of transport .The policy also aims to discourage daily usage of personalized motorized vehicles, promotion of mass transportation and use of non-motorized transport system.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed to increase the cost of parking by a whopping 300 per cent in the most popular areas of the city.

Dividing the city into three zones, the civic administration has proposed a Rs 60 per hour charge for parking lots in "most popular" areas such as Fort, Nariman Point, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba among others. The existing parking fee for such lots is Rs 20 per hour. According to civic data, there are about 62 such parking lots in the city.