Over 70 per cent of the malls and hospitals in south Delhi have allowed free parking at their premises as per instructions issued recently by the area's civic body.

Reacting to a public notice from the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), which said that shopping complexes and malls cannot charge for parking, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) h

The Centre of Science and Environment (CSE) has slammed the public notice of South Corporation stopping charging parking fee in commercial complexes, malls and hospitals and called it regressive an

A proposal to hike the one-time parking charges will be considered on Wednesday by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee, which, if passed, will be the first step towards a rev

Municipal corporations have proposed a hike in parking charges, particularly during peak hours, as a means to keep vehicles off the roads and reduce the city's air pollution.

This report studies Beijing’s existing parking policies and systems and studies several parking locations, residential, commercial, office and mixed use areas, both on-street and off-street, documenting existing parking practices in Beijing.

MoEF suggests ban on diesel vehicles, plying of private cars on alternate days and allowing only BS-III and BS-IV vehicles

The Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) has come up with an innovative plan to encourage people to pay their house tax on time - it is mulling to provide free parking in the city for a year to residents wh

An efficient public transport system and pedestrian-friendly roads could be the ideal way out of the city's parking mess, but for now what Pune needs are immediate solutions and the civic body's at

This paper examines the feasibility of implementing a congestion tax for the city of Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu. Based on secondary data, it calculates the time cost, fuel cost and cost of emissions due to congestion and makes recommendations regarding the effective design and application of such a tax.