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Rajender Singh, chairperson and managing director of National Thermal Power Corp described to Down To Earth the way NTPC is tackling issues relating to environment and rehabilitation

Ash dumped by thermal power plants is contaminating Singrauli's drinking water

A survey of the impact of power generation on Singrauli residents and their environment flays the National Thermal Power Corp for inadequate resettlement measures

With pollution threatening to smother Egypt, environmental planning is becoming central to the country's economic policies

Environmentalists and voluntary organisations from all over the country plan to get together in the near future to protest against lacunae in the National Environment Tribunal Bill, which will be

A cheap and environmentally benign technology has been developed to rid soils of contaminants

The Earth's atmosphere has been evolving ever since the planet was formed about 4.5 billion years ago. But, with industrialisation, human activity, for the first time, threatens irreversible climate changes

Geological records of how climate responded to changes in the atmosphere in the past enables scientists to model future climate behaviour in response to current atmospheric changes

Scientists are studying atmospheres on other planets in the solar system to learn more about the evolution of climates

IS INDIAN industry becoming more pollution-intensive? Consider the production levels of some of the most polluting industries: Gross output of the paper and paper products industry and related