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Urban pressures are threatening to destroy the lesser known of Kathmandu's historical structures

Recent studies indicate increasing pollution may be hampering the atmosphere's inherent cleansing abilty

Pollution is leading to a higher incidence of asthma, and studies show that a commonly used treatment may increase the risk of death from the disease

If paper and power prices included ecological costs, the consumer would have to pay at least 60 per cent more for them than he pays today

In Pakistan, they are controlling population growth by raising the living standards of local communities through Pasbaan, the social development wing of the country's family planning association

"ECONOMICS is the science of studying people's behaviour in their ordinary day-to-day life." That is how undergraduate textbooks define the subject. The book under review, however, talks about an

The shores of the Andaman and Nicobar islands are losing their magnificent coral reefs because of heavy siltation caused by developmental activities

Premature deaths and disease caused by a polluted environment is the most pressing problem in the world today, says a WHO report prepared for the Earth Summit

DEVELOPMENT has two sides, as Sudipto Sarkar of the People United for Better Living in Calcutta told the Calcutta High Court recently. The court is hearing a case against the proposed reclamation

Polluters of the environment are now increasingly being regarded as criminals. In New Jersey, there's a new breed of police personnel who are authorised to book them