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Most of the permits to pollute set up for auction by the US Environmental Protection Agency could not be sold, as the bidding failed to reach the designated minimum price.

Controversy over Himachal limestone mining

The subject of limestone mining in ecologically fragile Himachal Pradesh has become a political football, with plans changing as governments change. Villagers are divided on

Litigation against unscientific and environmentally dangerous mining activity brought Himachal Pradesh lime quarries into national prominence.

"MARBLE, no; water, yes," shouted demonstrators at a recent rally in Kathmandu, demanding an immediate end to quarrying in the Godavari hills of the picturesque valley in which the capital

The proposed energy tax has run into heavy weather in Europe, despite strong backing from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

MOUNTAINS have always enjoyed a special status. Their beauty and mysticism have inspired poets, philosophers and even fairy-tale tellers. We accept their importance as sources of minerals and water,

A private firm, Eastern ANning Ud, is scheduled to boon large scale operations in a sao" already ravaged by several small mining ventures. But skft officials seem blissfully ignorant of the threat.

GREEN IMPLICATIONS Though a few proposals in the 1991 budget may be termed eco-friendly, the overall trend remains hostile towards the environment

Urban waste will cease to be a problem if it is treated as a resource rather than refuse from consumption, which requires disposal.

A new study shows it is not just English cricketers who are manipulatin4data for their benefit - the ministry of environment, too, is playing a similar game.