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Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large scale immigration and timber smuggling have made Tripura an environmentally poor state

The world has sufficient resources to accelerate progress to accelerate progress in human development for all and to eradicate poverty. According to the United Nations Development Programme's Human

The public distribution system (PDS) , one of the India's oldest and most far-reaching public safety net schemes , has perhaps been the least efficient of the country's anti-poverty programmes. A

The World Bank is launching a new study on poverty in India even as basic health and education services remain distant for many of its poor with gaps galore in the coverage and effectiveness.

Even the "sensitive" Sen has failed to understand ecological poverty"

Current economic growth patterns: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Take a look at the patterns of consumption between 1975 and 1995. The world's richest people - only 20 per cent of

The change in the mindset of the rural people and in the ecology is extraordinary. The mental poverty has gone

This year's Nobel laureates

The Philippine government is compelled to take major steps to ease poverty and unemployment in the drought-stricken Southeast Asian region. The farm sector, which analysts say has been neglected by

Death and disease are closely linked to economic well-being. The greatest number of people in sub-Saharan Africa or India die due to communicable diseases, which have close associations with poverty