Researchers with financial ties to flu drug companies more often reported positive findings in their studies of the treatments, a new analysis found.

A trial of an experimental vaccine against the Ebola virus is to begin in Oxford.

The first of 60 healthy volunteers will be injected with the vaccine.

SCIENTISTS searching for new drugs to fight malaria have identified a number of compounds — some of which are currently in clinical trials to treat cancer – that could add to the anti-malarial arse

Monkeys sickened by Marburg virus, an Ebola relative that kills in the same way and is equally as fatal, survived the disease after being treated with an experimental drug developed by Tekmira Phar

Efforts to develop the first new malaria treatment in 20 years advanced as a pill from Novartis AG (NOVN) cleared parasites faster than the best medicines, potentially providing a solution to the s

Making malaria vaccine available for routine use will be a major milestone, researchers say

Experts say the world's first malaria vaccine could be approved for use in 2015.

Antibiotic use has surged by 36% worldwide in a decade, much of it unwarranted, according to a new study.

Antibiotic resistance has been selected as the focus for a £10m prize set up to tackle a major challenge of our time.

Antibiotics now rank among the most counterfeited medicines in the world, feeding a global epidemic of drug-resistant superbugs.

A cheap and easy to deliver oral vaccine against cholera is 86 per cent effective in preventing the infection which causes severe diarrhea and can be fatal, researchers said today.