The United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan said Monday that 100,000 people “are already starving” in the country.

It is the lament of a parched land, where women cry for thirsty children, and farmers’ hope is spent.

In Somalia, the farm animals are dying. The water holes have dried up. The crops have failed.

More than 2,000 Southern Californians die early each year from polluted air, and the region would benefit the most of anywhere in the country from reducing ozone and fine particle pollution below c

Each week, Lucia Thedzi and her five children go one or two days without eating. Some weeks, the family survives on nuts the size of golf balls but with meager flesh inside.

“Earthquake?” It can be frustrating finding out how big an earthquake was, and where it struck, in the seconds following a temblor.

Firefighters are tackling larger and more aggressive wildfires as drought conditions continue for a fifth year in California, drying out swaths of forest land.

As debate continues in San Diego County and around the state over how aggressively to conserve water amid a historic drought, a new study finds that reductions in urban water use have saved signifi

The severe drought in Ethiopia has made headline news. But it has also scorched northern Somalia, a region far less able to cope with the impact.

California’s forests have already lost millions of trees in recent years due to rising temperatures, the drought and a plague of bark beetle infestations.