Health officials were in for a shock when a random haemoglobin level check showed just how anaemic women were in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Fifty-five of the 215 Class II and III women employees had haemoglobin levels under 10 gm while seven women had very low haemoglobin levels.

Just before the commencement of the monsoon, PCMC commissioner Ashish Sharma called for a meeting of various officials to discuss flood control measures recently. People staying near the banks of the rivers Pavna, Mula and Indryani have to face the menace of floods, threatening their life and property.

In the wake of the ongoing row over the appointment of consultants for the 24X7 water supply plan for the city, municipal commissioner Praveensinh Pardeshi clarified his stand that the proposed scheme was necessary as it is for the benefit of Pune. Addressing media persons on Thursday, the commissioner said, "This is an opportunity to bring a solution to the erratic water supply, which should not be missed.' Those who wanted to approach the court regarding the appointment of consultants for the project were free to do so, Pardeshi added.

In order to stop the damage to the environment by cutting trees during various festivals, Mayor Rajlaxmi Bhosale on Wednesday said the civic administration would initiate action against those selling branches of trees in the city.

Over 2000 saplings of rare medicinal species were planted at a program mme at Fort Jadhavgadh on Saturday. More than 200 volunteers of Senior Citizens Club, Lokmanya Nagar, Sadhana Vidyalaya, Hadapsar, employees of Fort Jadhavgadh Hotel took part in the project .

City incinerates 1 tonne bio-medical waste a day Nearly one tonne of bio-medical waste is generated and disposed of in Pune each day. While the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has outsourced the activity to a private firm Sun Enviro Limited to collect the waste and dispose it at the incineration facility at Kailash crematorium, efforts are now underway to woo over 6,000 small dispensaries to join the scheme. According to Piyush Solanki, assistant general manager of Sun Enviro, "so far, only 250 dispensaries and clinics have been registered.'

The longevity of a banyan tree is often compared with at least seven life spans of a human being and hence women worship this tree for the well-being of their family, especially husband. These days, with more and more women working, there is no time to do the "pheras" around the banyan tree. Hence, small time vendors chop branches and sell them at the market which are bought by women and worshipped.

Conceding that accidents on the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) route were taking place due to lack of proper road-crossing facilities for pedestrians, Municipal Commissioner Praveensinh Pardeshi at the general body meeting on Monday said that once the frequency of buses plying on the track increases to one bus every five minutes from the present 10-15 minutes, it would automatically deter other vehicles from using the BRTS route and pedestrians from carelessly crossing the roads. He also said that the BRTS pilot project would be completed by December.

Over 1000 local and indigenous plants were planted by entire Kumar Builders family on in the presence of several dignitaries like Mayor Rajalakshmi Bhosale, Municipal Commissioner Praveensinh Pardeshi and Prakash Thosare, director of Social Forestry. They all took an oath for environment protection.

Professional help sought for data collection; findings to be part of PMC's Environment Status Report While it is no secret that the unprecedented and unplanned growth of the city has put severe pressure on its various resources, for the first time the Pune Municipal Corporation is coming forward to actually study and assess the impact of the damage on at least one critical area