Nearly 15 lakh residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad can now look forward to getting clean drinking water. If the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation is to be believed, citizens' long-cherished dream of getting "completely clean, pure and unpolluted drinking water' will come true in two years time.

Delhi need not despair. The expensive traffic mess that goes by the name of the Bus Rapid Transit corridor has also left a similar, unwelcome mark on another city in the country. Inaugurated with great fanfare in December 2006 in Pune, the BRT corridor there has now been categorically slotted as a project with "too many flaws

Wet Runs: There are 32 ongoing water projects with private sector participation, as also 22 hydro power projects with private participation. Some 20 states are undertaking water sector reforms.
Farm Woe: Net irrigated area in India is 55 mn ha against a net crop area of 142 mn ha.

Fast Dwindling: Forest cover has gone down by 1,409 sq km between 2003 and 2005.

Jain Irrigation Systems is the second-largest drip irrigation company in the world and one of the largest suppliers of ducting to telcos globally. Now, it's eyeing revenues of $1 billion, krishna gopalan

Traffic conditions in most of the cities are very chaotic and crucial, this is particularly observed in million plus cities. As the urbanization process takes momentum, these problems crop up due to the lack of commensurate development of infrastructure, particularly roads, road transport and inadequate public transport system.

In the man who planted trees, french author Jean Giono

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has chalked out a quality bus system plan, under which the bus rapid transit system project has started in eight cities

Programmes under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission hold the potential for transforming the urban water supply and sanitation sector. The mission is in its third year of implementation. Four urban service providers discuss the progress and their future plans in addition to the key to smooth implementation of the programme.

Then you give ten 9 rupees to your son and ask him to get something from the market, you ask for accounts when he is back. Did we ever ask the same from the government whom we pay crores in taxes? No. Not because we did not want to do that. We always wanted to take account of every penny that we paid as taxes but could not do so because there were no legal or administrative procedures available.

The food processing industry is only just taking off, says P.N. Kaul, president of the All India Food Processors' Association (aifpa). "We have to think about the industry," he says.