The proposal to set up a National Mission for Hybrid and Electric vehicles shows the Centre

Sukantanagar is near one of hundreds of bheris or ponds of the East Kolkata Wetlands where natural biodegradation turns Kolkata

What do multinational companies such as Nokia, Hyundai, Ford, Samsung, Caparo and Adidas have in common in India?

In 2005, muralidhar patel, a young farmer in Shirsoli village in Maharashtra

Why US auto makers are seeing red over a new law on green cars

Sometimes, difficult though it is to believe, disasters herald miracles. Three years ago, a bad distribution and service network had led Fiat's brand charisma to take a bruising fall from grace. Production of its automobiles, the Uno, Siena, Palio and Adventure, had dwindled from 32,000 cars in 2002 to a dismal 1,732 in 2005. Even the Gods, it appeared, had conspired against the company, as the catastrophic Mumbai flood of July 2005 brought Fiat's Kurla plant to a total standstill, nearly drowning one of India's most enduring brands in its fury.

GOING HYBRID: The Mahindra group will launch a mild hybrid version of the Scorpio later this year. The full hybrid will come later

In the man who planted trees, french author Jean Giono

Sushanth Darekar, 24, lives in the village of Lonikalbhor, 20 km off the Pune-Solapur highway. It is the middle of summer but the sweltering heat does not bother him. After a hard day