Dehra Dun: Nearly 12 tigers have gone missing from the Rajaji National Park, forest department officials said on Monday.

In its latest tiger count, the Wildlife Institute of India has reported at least 10 tigers less than the previous estimate made at the Rajaji sanctuary in Uttarakhand.

A short-term study on population status and distribution pattern of Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus during peak breeding season from January to May 2006 was conducted in Chilla range of Rajaji National Park.

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A makhna (tuskless bull elephant) was shot dead by poachers at village Dhaluwala of Khanpur forest range in Haridwar on Sunday night. The dead elephant sustained two gunshots to its forehead. A case of wildlife crime against unknown persons was registered by the forest department.

Roma, 44, lobbied in favour of the Forest Rights Act against a State impervious to the possibility of a civil war

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The apex court

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Haridwar, June 8
The Rajaji National Park, which is known for its flora, fauna and wildlife, seems to have become a soft target for wood smugglers.

Going by the huge number of precious trees being logged, the park could be termed a wood smugglers

Understanding local attitudes towards human

The paper presents the findings of 7year long field trial of a fodder plantation technique specially designed for enrichment of wildlife habitats by biological displacement of Lantana cover by bamboo in a Lantana-infested area. The field trial was carried out between 1995-96 and 2002-03 in Rajaji National Park.

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