deer population in Garhwal forest division of Pauri district of Uttarakhand has plummeted to a dangerous low. According to the division

In A unique move, the authorities at Rajaji National Park have undertaken a project to build an overpass above a stretch of railway tracks and a motorable road for the movement of elephants. Once completed, this 1.5-km stretch between Motichur railway crossing to Raiwala in Haridwar district will be the first overpass of its kind in the world. It is being constructed at the directions of the Central Empowered Committee (CEC) of the Supreme Court, in order to protect the corridor through which elephants have been moving traditionally from one part of the park to the other.

In the blazing afternoon heat, a group of Van Gujjars listened solemnly as speaker after speaker spoke about the hardship people face when they are displaced from their traditional habitats to make way for special economic zones, special tourism zones, national parks, sanctuaries and dams. The Van Gujjars are a Muslim pastoral community.


The eco-development programme was initiated in Rajaji National Park to elicit participation of local people in conservation. An analysis of factors influencing the participation of women and men in the eco-development programme in two villages - Ganeshpur and Gungabhogpur, adjoining Rajaji National Park was carried out.

Elephants and human beings in Rajaji National Park in northern India are increasingly arriving into conflict because of the conversion of elephant's natural habitat into agricultural areas. Besides, railway track which passes through the park area, national highways, anthropogenic activities etc are restricting frequent movement of elephants within their home range.

the forest department of Uttarakhand has started ascertaining the population of Van Gujjars in the Rajaji National Park. They started the exercise on July 18, 2007, after the four-week period

The Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) population in Rajaji National Park, north-west India is an important part of India's heritage, but has not been intensively studied until recently. Understanding the population dynamics is important for managers if the population is to remain viable.

the Supreme Court (sc) gave the green light to construct a road through a wildlife sanctuary near Uttarakhand's border with Nepal and China on March 16, 2007. This comes after the Uttarakhand

An escalating human-tusker conflict has forced the state Government to urgently re-work its elephant corridor project


Kansrau-Barkot Corridor: 2.5 x 2 km. Will connect Dehradun forest division and Rajaji National Park.