The land that is now the state of Uttaranchal has a glorious history in tiger conservation; it was in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (TR)

Rajaji-Corbett Tiger Conservation Unit (RCTCU) in north-west India, is one of the eleven Level I Tiger Conservation Units (TCU) identified in the Indian subcontinent for the long term conservation of the tiger.

Recent trends show that the proportion of what we call the


Spate of elephant killings forces rethink of conservation policy

Past experiences have shown that centralized management of natural resources, based on a culture of exclusion and rules, has not contributed to the sustainable management of natural resources.

A NGO asks the NHRC to prevent the dislocation of Van Gujjars of the Rajaji National Park by the Uttar Pradesh government

Van Gujjars lead the way in forest management by forming a voluntary protection force

This book outlines the first alternative management plan proposed for the protecte areas of India. It provides both a general mode of community forest management in protected areas, and specific proposals for implementation in the proposed Rajaji national park.

A recent workshop on people's management of the Rajaji National Park brought out in full fury the debate whether the local communities are wiser managers of forests or the menace threatening them. While the environment and forests minister, RAJESH PILOT,