Miffed by roadblocks being created in the name of forest and environmental clearances for the development of highways, transport minister Kamal Nath today said even the roads constructed 100 years ago are not being upgraded due to the hurdles.

Though the number of tourists visiting the Rajaji National Park (RNP) was less this year compared to the previous year, the revenue was more than that in the previous year. RNP director SS Rasaily said this while addressing mediapersons on the day of closure of the park gates for the monsoon season.

The elephant census in Uttarakhand, which began on Tuesday, will conclude on Thursday. Officials of the Forest department involved in the census exercise begin their work as early as 4 am and continue till 7 pm.

LUCKNOW: It was the last Sunday morning for Sumit and Jaimala here at Lucknow zoo. The pachyderms left for their new abode bidding goodbye to the city. While Sumit trumpeted loudly before he boarded the truck for his journey to Dudhwa National Park, Jaimala was reluctant to go.

This article is a part of a long-term study on the behavioral biology of Asian elephant in the Rajaji National Park.

This paper reports regeneration status of trees in two watersheds namely Phakot and Pathri Rao in Uttarakhand. Seedling, sapling and tree density were greater in Phakot watershed forest than those in Pathri Rao watershed forest. In general, both forests were regenerating, although seedling and sapling population was higher in Phakot watershed forest.

Dehra Dun: Nearly 12 tigers have gone missing from the Rajaji National Park, forest department officials said on Monday.

In its latest tiger count, the Wildlife Institute of India has reported at least 10 tigers less than the previous estimate made at the Rajaji sanctuary in Uttarakhand.

A short-term study on population status and distribution pattern of Indian peafowl, Pavo cristatus during peak breeding season from January to May 2006 was conducted in Chilla range of Rajaji National Park.

Prithviraj Singh | Dehradun

A makhna (tuskless bull elephant) was shot dead by poachers at village Dhaluwala of Khanpur forest range in Haridwar on Sunday night. The dead elephant sustained two gunshots to its forehead. A case of wildlife crime against unknown persons was registered by the forest department.