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New Delhi, July 30: A new book detailing more than 150 wetlands of the country has brought to the fore the desperate need to protect these "liquid treasures" from pollution, development and misuse. Despite protected under the international Ramsar wetland treaty, some of these wetlands need urgent attention and conservation. Urging the Indian government to provide more of its wetlands the Ramsar status at the Ramsar Convention scheduled for October this year, conservationists have asked the government to come up with more serious measures in conserving the country's wetland.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has identified a number of wetlands for conservation and management under the National Wetland Conservation Programme and some financial assistance is being provided to State Governments for various conservation activities through approval of the Management Action Plans. The National Environment Policy recognizes the numerous ecological services provided by wetlands and emphasizes on the need for setting up of a legally enforceable regulatory mechanism for the identified wetlands.

This guide is intended to provide a summary of the steps to develop wetland management planning processes. Improved understanding of how to use these principles and planning steps will help achieve more effective conservation and thus wetland wise use.

In India, wetlands are distributed in all the biogeographic regions and exhibit significant ecological diversity, primarily because of the variability in climate, geology, habitat and topography.

bhopal's Upper Lake is in danger. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (bmc) has accused the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (mpstdc) of polluting the lake, a protected site under the

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The wetlands, a term which includes water bodies of different types ranging from lakes, estuarine area, and riparian flood plains to tidal mud-flats, play a vital role in ensuring

six more Indian wetland sites have found their way to the Ramsar list

WEST Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee signed a much-hyped deal with the Salim Group of Indonesia for investments up to Rs 20,000 crore in infrastructure development on July 31. Billed