Fresh Plea Has Been Submitted By NGO Based In Rajkot

Ahmedabad: A Rajkot-based NGO Wildlife Conservation Trust – Rajkot has in a fresh petition moved the Supreme Court against the translocation of Lion to Kuno Palpur, Madhya Pradesh. The fresh petition demanded that the petition which is active in the conservation measures in the Gujarat state has tried to put forward several arguments before the expert committee formed by the order of the Supreme Court dated April 15 this year.

In a major success, the Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) management relocated 32 families from two settlements located in the core critical area of the tiger habitat.

Tigers are getting too close for comfort: three human deaths in five days have once more brought the man-animal conflict into focus.

Statistics with TOI show the state has seen 30 human deaths since April this year. While 23 were killed in elephant attacks, the rest succumbed to attacks by tigers, leopards, wild boars and bears. In the same period, around 300 head of cattle were killed by wild animals.
A senior forest official said 2013-14 is set to see even higher number of casualties due to this conflict. "We've crossed just half the year, and the numbers are scary," he said.

AHMEDABAD: Even as the Gujarat government prepares to file a curative petition against the shifting of some lion prides from Gir to Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, observations made in t

State May File Curative Plea Against Translocation

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat government plans to file a curative petition seeking another look at the Supreme Court order of Tuesday which rejected the state government’s review petition against the April 15 apex court order allowing the translocation of some of Gir lions to Madhya Pradesh.

The result of examination of the presence of Canine Distemper Virus (CDR) or Pestes Des Petitis Ruminants Virus (PPVR) in Asiatic lion has brought in relief for forest officials.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Kishor Kodwani & Others Vs District Collector, Indore & Others dated 07/10/2013 regarding felling of 3152 trees which were coming within the expansion of the BRTS Corridor in the city of Indore.

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State govt plans to dig the land through MGNREGA scheme

Assam government today said it plans to give solar fencing in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) to protect the wildlife from poachers.
"We want to give solar fencing to protect the wildlife. We are planning to dig the land through MGNREGA scheme and then the Forest department will do the solar fencing," Assam Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain said at an event to celebrate the wildlife week.

The whole issue of translocation of tigers being bred in captivity and then released into the wild has been questioned by the forest officials of the tiger rich state of Madhya Pradesh.

An RTI has revealed that the principal chief conservator of forests(Wildlife) Narender Kumar has written to the National Tiger conservation Authority (NTCA) that he does not want hand-bred tigresses to be relocated to the Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) as his staff had faced enormous hurdles in trying to get them to readjust in the wild.

The Madhya Pradesh government's overdrive to get white tigers from Odisha has caused concern among the wildlife lobby.

The undue hurry - to beat the deadline before the code of conduct for state election comes into force - is driven by the political leadership's urge to win votes in Rewa but it may prove fatal for the big cat, they claim. First letter was sent to the chief wildlife warden (CWW) Odisha J D Sharma by his MP counterpart Narendra Kumar on September 2 seeking translocation of one white tiger from Nandan Kanan zoo to Mukundpur zoo and rescue centre in Satna district in exchange of normal coloured male tiger.