Onions and mangoes are just two of the common foods used by Indians to cure a wide variety of ailments.

Unless Indians realise the nobility of donating their organs after death, the illegal trade in organs from living people will continue to flourish.

Cadmium,'which is a naturally occurring element, finds considerable use in industry. It, however, gets into the food chain and enters the human body. The exposure to cadmium and its subsequent

Scientists at the University of Florida in Gainesville have isolated 2 genes from a bacterium called Oxalobacter rmigenes that may pave the way for removing kidney stones through gene therapy. The

A STUDY carried out by a team of researchers in Belgium has found a significant relationship between renal disorders and cadmium pollution (The Lancet, Vol 343, No 8912). The study was carried out

Scientists have isolated a gene that can break down oxalic acid, the primary culprit that damages tissue and leaves the victim gasping in pain

SCIENTISTS are now looking for a defective gene that leads to over-production of uric acid, a condition that may lead to gout-related disorders and kidney complaints. Recent research shows that gout