Iceland to become the first hydrogen economy, to do away with fossil fuels

to meet the costs of supporting expensive renewable energy schemes,

giving impetus to non-conventional energy, the parliamentary budget committee of Germany decided to raise subsidies for solar, thermal, biogas and geothermal energy to 400 million marks from 300

hungary has taken a significant step towards promoting renewable energy

the price of a sumptuous meal is all

a global network of non-governmental organisations ( ngo s), business associations and scientific institutions has launched the World Council for Renewable Energies ( wcre ), to

The Bush administration unveils new energy policy with an intention to revive nuclear reactors and to build new plants. Joining hands with nuclear lobbyists the administration skips uncomfortable issues like nuclear power being costly, unsafe and environm

The US energy plan eulogises France as a safe nuclear success story, without understanding the French failure in managing nuclear waste

Australia banks on forest power to light up towns

Agricultural residues could help in the making of energy sufficient talukas