Environment Ministry has constituted a high-level Working Group headed by eminent space scientist and Planning Commission member K Kasturirangan to examine the Western Ghats ecology expert panel re

India, which has announced it will send a space probe to Mars, is now a country with more technological prowess than Britain and the "best and most beautiful spoken English in the world" is now hea

The ancient Martian crater where the Curiosity rover landed looks strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert in California with its looming mountains and hanging haze, scientists said.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has transmitted its first colour photo and a low-resolution video showing the last two-and-a-half minutes of its dramatic dive through Martian atmosphere, giving a sneak peek

In a flawless, triumphant technological tour de force, a plutonium-powered rover the size of a small car was lowered at the end of 25-foot-long cables from a hovering rocket stage onto Mars early o

With pride, relief and exhilaration, NASA engineers and officials erupted in cheers and hugs early on Monday with confirmation that the Curiosity, a car-sized, plutoniumpowered robotic rover, had l

Converting seawater into potable water through the Low Temperature Thermal Desalination (LTTD) may not be an answer to India’s water woes, but any advancement in technology has the potential for ad

Theoretical physicist Ashoke Sen, a string theorist at Allahabad’s Harish-Chandra Research Institute, has become a crorepati overnight.

MUMBAI: With lake levels not promising enough due to the rains largely playing truant, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will continue with its 10% water cut and review the situation at

Leading scientist P Rama Rao (file photo) will recieve the Defence Research and Develop-ment Organisation’s (DRDO’s) lifetime achievement award for 2011 from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here tomo