Mad-cow, bird-flu or swine-flu - the world is more than familiar with “human-animal diseases”.

Astronomers: ‘Unseen Substance’ Spotted For First Time.

A 22-year-old entrepreneur is bringing electricity to villages through a technology that produces and stores renewable energy on location, reports Peerzada Abrar.

The National Institute for Inter-disciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST) is offering a technology for clear extraction of banana fibre on a non-exclusive basis.

50-Yr Search For Higgs Boson Ends In Triumph

In the euphoria at CERN was missing an Indian name, a Calcuttan whose work way back in the early 20th century had paved the way for the conceptualisation of the Higgs boson.

New Delhi, July 4: India’s imprints on the new subatomic particle announced by scientists today date back to the early 20th century when eminent physicist Satyendra Nath Bose developed mathematics

Kolkata, 4 JULY: Methane gas generated from human waste could be used to light up bio-toilets developed by scientists of the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

A review of over 100 recent research articles has concluded that with continuing rise in CO2 and global warming, South Asia can expect generally more rainfall, due to the expected increase in atmos

Turbines can increase local temperatures. OVER the years, wind turbines have been favoured as one of the most promising renewable sources of energy. But it may come at a cost. This pollution-free and environment-friendly source of energy can cause an increase in local temperatures. Researchers from University at Albany in the US, led by Liming Zhou analysed land surface temperature data of west-central Texas between 2003 and 2011 using instruments on board NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellites. The Texas region in the US has four of the world’s largest wind farms.