The monetary value of crops gnawed away by rodents last year has been estimated as Rs 67,201.98 lakhs, the Assembly was informed today.

Never since the times of the Pied Piper of Hamelin were rats so dangerous. Only this time the menace is far greater. Thousands of hectares of China's major rice and cotton belt in Hunan province have

AUSTRALIA's premier grain growing areas have been invaded by an army of mice. According to Ken McElligot, lands minister of the grain-rich Queensland state, 400,000 tons of the cereal would

Rats and mice used for cancer tests in the US may soon have a diet regimen. Studies show that modern lab rats are about 25 per cent heavier than their ancestors were 20 years ago, which has caused a

If there is one thing a mouse cannot stand, it is the smell of other mice. Male mice with high levels of testosterone -- a male sex hormone -- mark their territories by secreting an oil in their

A team of Russian scientists have found in mice a gene, which, unlike others, decides when to express itself

A technique developed to fight tumours in rats may one day be used to treat humans

SMALL farmers who cannot afford expensive rat-poisons now have a cheap, natural alternative: A fastgrowing tropical tree, Ghricidia sepium, whose leaves when fermented act as a potent