Hydrogen could soon be produced using light sensitive bacteria

Ancient Sahara was wetter and wilder before. Changes in vegetation have played a role in transforming its climate

After wreaking havoc in Nigeria, spinal meningitis has spread to a dozen other countries close to the Sahara, from Mali and Burkina Faso in the west to Sudan in the east. According to

Plans to use concentrating solar power plants in the Sahara to generate and export electricity have been on the table for years. Now, it looks as though political will might help move things forward.

Giant electricity plants in the Sahara desert could provide 15 per cent of Europe's power. But there may be better solar solutions closer to home.

- A project linking solar power from the Sahara to energy users in Europe and North Africa could create 240,000 German jobs and generate 2 trillion euros ($2,822 billion) worth of power by 2050, a study published on Thursday found.

Returning to Africa after a 10 year absence, Chris Reij could barely believe his eyes. On the arid margins of the Sahara in Niger, all he could see were trees.

Even as Niger recently permitted uranium mining in the Sahara desert in the country's north, its parliament sanctioned around us $60 million to defend mining companies against attacks by

African dust clouds cause red tides that kill millions of fish in the Gulf of Mexico

The silver ant -- Cataglyphis bombycina -- is the undertaker of the Sahara desert -- a role it has been forced to adopt because of its own body limitations and because of a small lurking, desert