The present-day Sahara Desert was previously a lush green region redundant with wildlife, savannah and swampland owing to a prehistoric climate change in the eastern Sahara, according to an in-depth archaeological study that highlights this theory.

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Floods have killed at least 29 people in the Algerian oasis town of Ghardaia in the Sahara, the government of the north African country said on Thursday.

An interior ministry statement added that 48 people had been injured and one person had gone missing since heavy rains began on Tuesday around the town on the northern edge of the Sahara desert, the official APS state news agency reported.

The Saharan duststorms help sustain life over large regions of the North Atlantic Ocean, according to a latest study.

Liverpool University researchers found that plants are able to grow in these regions because of their ability to take advantage of iron minerals in Saharan duststorms.

This allows them to use organic or recycled material from dead or decaying plants when nutrients such as phosphorous, which is an essential component of DNA in the ocean are low.

A continuous lake record elucidates how Saharan climate changed gradually from humid to today's desert conditions.

Desiccation of the Sahara since the middle Holocene has eradicated all but a few natural archives recording its transition from a "green Sahara" to the present hyperarid desert.

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