Sethna helped India conduct its first nuclear test way back in 1974
Srinivas Laxman | TNN

Mumbai: Former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) chairman and one of the guiding lights behind India

In the next 50 years, India and China will have a US kind of lifestyle and development.

India has to think how it would meet the energy requirement then, said Mano Manoharan, a scientist working on nano technology and head of the Global Research at the GE John F Welch Technology Centre, here on Monday.

A young scientist, Dhrubatara Mitra, selected by the Centre

Dhanbad, Jan. 20: An Indian School of Mines (ISM) scientist has developed a

A vast supply of energy is racing around the planet far above the surface. Erik Vance meets the engineers trying to bring the power of high-altitude wind down to earth.

Staff shortages in the US fossil-fuel industry are good news for geologists, chemists and physicists. The boom is likely to continue despite the economic downturn and the rise of renewable energy, says Emma Marris.

the Supreme Court has permitted conditional field trials of genetically modified (gm) crops approved by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (geac) in 2006. The anti-gm lobby in India,

>> Abul Hussam, a chemistry professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, was awarded the Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability. The Bangladesh-born US citizen was awarded by the

THE focal theme this year at the 94th Indian Science Congress was