Biologists have found that some fish evolved into warm blooded creatures because their adventurous ancestors were exposed to large temperature variations.

Scientists are exploring various approaches to fight the deadliest cancer afflicting US women.

An American ornithologist says he has found fresh evidence that the world's oldest bird like creature, the Archaeopteryx, was undoubtedly a bird. But not all scientists are convinced.

SCIENTISTS have found in the foothills of the Andes mountains the remains of what they contend is the earliest dinosaur. Unlike its giant descendants, the discovery by a US-Argentinian team

A NEW variety of potato has its own armour against pests and does not need a helping hand from insecticides. Its armour of hair traps and kills insects trying to feed on it (Ceres, Vol 25, No 2).

Some insects come up with amazing answers to the question of survival.

Scientists studying the evolution of the highest Himalayan peaks will soon announce the exact elevation of Mt Everest at present.

Scientists are relying on the emperor penguins to find out the state of sea resources in the inhospitable Antarctic region.

Computers are poised to make it possible for people to speak to each other in their own languages.

A Russian attempt to light up the night by using sunlight reflected from a huge space based mirror failed to come up to expectations but could some day provide an alternative to electric lighting.