Plants normally have only bisexual flowers. Some species, however, also produce male flowers to make the dispersal of pollen more efficient.

SCIENTISTS have enhanced the nutritional value of the potato by inserting a synthetic gene into the plant and are now considering how to use genetic engineering to provide the plant with

Technological advances allow biologists to sit in their labs and monitor animal movements.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have made the world's smallest battery -- about the size of the common-cold virus (Science, Vol 257 No 5074). Chemist Reginald Penner and his

Certain mouse brain cells have been found to be capable of producing neurons. Scientists say if similar cells are found to exist in the human brain, it will soon be possible to treat nervous disorders.

Annual rainfall is declining in some parts of the country and increasing in others. While the overall effect may be negligible, such trends could result in significant changes locally.

Scientists are fighting the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm, with a wasp like insect that can help reduce that menace of the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm.

An Oxford biologist says sexes exist to prevent chaos within cells during reproduction. And why only two sexes? Because life would get too complicated otherwise.

Biodiversity - the billions of life forms that exist on earth - ranges in size from microscopic be viruses to blue whales that are more than 30 metres long. Conserving biodiversity humankind"s greatest challenge.

Babies less than six months old have the surprising abilities to distinguish shapes, sizes and colours. Now, a study indicates infants can even make simple mathematical calculations.