Scientists have evolved a subsurface drainage system that makes saline soils arable within three years

Scientists and industrialists are trying to give final shape to a body that will select and fund projects.

Engineers are trying to develop a mechanical hand that can handle objects with human sensitivity and prove to be a boon to scientists and doctors.

Scientists are thrilled by the discovery that fungal enzymes called chitinases are environment friendly fungicides.

PARTICLE physicists at Fermilab near Chicago may have sighted the elusive "top" quark, one of the smallest constituents of matter (Science, Vol 258, No 5086; New Scientist, Vol 136, No 1851). An

The discovery of a simple procedure for synthesis of a new crystalline form of carbon has opened up immense possibilities in the field of superconductivity.

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in treating this old age disease, with the discovery that abnormal production of proteins, called amyloids, causes nerve cell degeneration.

Agrin, a protein released by nerve cells, helps in triggering off the formation of a machinery through which neurons communicate.

THE CAMPAIGN by astronomers to stop artificial light in cities from affecting stellar views, which prevents them studying stars, is gaining a wider audience. Relentless light from surrounding cities

Tests on mice show that a hormonal antibody inhibits the growth of turnours, giving rise to hopes for a vaccine to treat lung cancer.