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Floods and landslides have damaged standing paddy and vegetables on 35,804.1 hectares in 17 districts, including the rice-bowl districts of the country such as Bardiya, Banke, Dang, Kanchanpur, Sir

SIRAHA, AUG 22 - Extraction of sand, stone and gravel from the rivers in Siraha has been going unabated despite the government ban.

The epidemic spread of the disease of foot and mouth rusting on animals or livestock known as ‘Khoret’ has hit nine eastern districts.

Three community schools in Siraha have been awarded for promoting sanitary practices in the schools.

The portion of arable land in the country has shrunk by 6.6 per cent in the last one decade as agricultural fields turned into concrete jungle, shows a latest report of the Central Bureau of Statis

In order to reduce human casualties and economic losses to glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) and catastrophic flashfloods in the high-altitude and Tarai districts, respectively, the government o