The decade of the 1990s was marked by considerable deregulation of the industrial economy through delicensing and dereservations.

Bamboo is an important natural resource in the socio-economic, cultural, ecological and functional context with 1500 well documented uses. Having high strength, elasticity and wear resisting characteristics, it grows rapidly and matures in a short period (3-5 years) with high yield, easy to manage, strong in regeneration, lasts for long time and sprouts new shoots after yearly harvests.

Restriction on barrel sale of diesel hits SSIs
Shyam Ranganathan

CHENNAI: The recent diesel shortage and the decision to restrict barrel sale by oil marketing companies in the city are having an adverse effect on small-scale industries, according to entrepreneurs.

R. Namasivayam, who owns an aluminium die-casting plant, says that he has been working at only about 50 per cent capacity because of the non-availability of diesel.

Bs Reporter / Kochi August 1, 2008, 22:14 IST

Exports of coir and coir-based products in the first quarter of the financial year increased 7.83 per cent to 45,038 tonnes from 41,766 tonnes in the corresponding quarter last year. Earnings increased marginally by 1.99 per cent from Rs 127.10 crore to Rs 129.64 crore in Q1.

AC Jose, chairman of the Coir Board, said the first quarter performance had built a strong momentum.

"It gives us confidence that we are on the right track. Though rupee appreciation prevailed, we could sustain an attractive growth rate,' he added.

This book discusses the past performance and present status of the agricultural sector in India and delineates the challenges faced by it in the era of economic reforms. The effectiveness of some of the existing schemes for agricultural development (price support, credit, marketing, rural/agricultural development experiences) in devising appropriate intervention strategies for agriculture rejuvenation in India is examined. This book also focuses on the issues of employment, poverty, food and nutrition.

Vikas Sharma / Ludhiana July 21, 2008, 0:24 IST

The lab will provide a push to textile units in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir as they will not have to depend on faraway facilties for reports.

The in-principle nod by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to the proposal for setting up a textile testing laboratory in Ludhiana has pleased the members of the Textile Professional's Association (TPA).

The opening of laboratory will benefit more than 1,000 textile units.

The Tea Board of India has decided to extend financial help in the form of subsidies to self-help groups (SHG) of small growers to encourage the formation of these clusters. The highest ceiling of such assistance has been fixed at Rs 5 lakh for each SHG, which must have at least 50 growers as members. The total area of plantation should not be less than 50 acres, or 20 hectares.

The state government is giving priority to north Bengal districts in setting up more industrial estates, state micro and small scale enterprises and textiles minister Mr Manab Mukherjee informed the Assembly today. The minister was replying to a question raised by the Congress Legislature Party leader, Dr Manas Bhuinya, on the problems that are plaguing industrial estates in the state. Mr Mukherjee said his department is keen to develop industrial estates in north Bengal to generate more employment opportunities for the people there.

Uttarakhand, in spite of being a small state, has certain key features that make it distinct from other states of the country and highlights its potential for development. However, development has predominantly been in the plains, and the hill districts have been left behind. All the hill districts have subsistence farming as their main economic activity. Due to subsistence livelihood, migration and a remittance economy

Bishnu Dash To encourage micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the state to adopt modern cutting edge technology, the draft MSME development policy of the Orissa government has proposed the launch of an