A slew of elementary schemes aim to alleviate poverty

If you are a Net savvy villager in north India, Tarahaat.com could easily become your favourite haunt on the Web. For starters, the website offers email services in 11 Indian languages. The utility of the website goes beyond traditional Net services...

Common effluent treatment plants are fashionable, but without a proper framework of rights and responsibilities, they could become a tool for circumventing the law

Hill state leads the way in decentralising electricity generation by granting small scale industry status to traditional water mills

Since independence, India has had strong policies to promote the small-scale industrial sector: it is labor intensive and thus creates more jobs, it contributes to decentralized industrial development and the units are flexible and able to quickly reorient themselves to emerging demands.

The Union government s decision to strengthen small scale industries will have serious repercussions on the efforts to save environment

A recent survey conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries has proposed sweeping policy changes in the smallscale sector to enhance its viability in the export market

More than 2 lakh small and medium industries in the state will have shorter power cuts from Monday. The four hour cut between 6 pm and 10 pm has been withdrawn with immediate affect.

Long cuts plague industry
Haryana is facing its worst power crisis - thanks to an unprecedented hike in power demand and inability of the state to supply accordingly. While the domestic consumers in urban areas are facing cuts for 12 -13 hours a day, the industry in the state claims that it is virtually running on captive generation due to frequent tripping and sharp voltage fluctuations.

Industry reluctant, regulators lax The only hiccup in implementing a wide scale, cfl -based energy-saving programme in India is mercury, a small but essential component of the lamp. Mercury is a proven neurotoxin. Inhaling mercury vapours can severely damage the respiratory tract. Sore throat, coughing, pain or tightness in the chest, headache, muscle weakness, anorexia, gastrointestinal