For a small scale industry it is difficult to construct, operate and maintain an individual treatment facility. Provision of land, expertise and trained staff, procurement of specialized equipment, installation of laboratory, sludge disposal on individual basis, etc will be almost impossible for a small unit.

From time immemorial, like most peoples of the ancient world, Indians have referred to products by the names of their places of origin. They have always known that goods from certain regions have distinct qualities and characteristics, but formal protection for such products is relatively recent.

In a bid to put counter pressure on Railway minister Miss Mamata Banerjee for her alternative proposal for Singur, the state government now wants unutilised land belonging to the Railways for setting up of industrial parks for micro and small-scale industries.

Though Assam Budget 2009-10 is growth oriented, it has little provision for the revival of micro sector industries, which are in a dilapidated condition in the State, opined North Eastern Small Scale Industries Association (NESSIA).

Small and medium enterprises based at Adityapur Industrial Area (AIA) will contribute more than Rs 3 crore to develop the Adityapur Auto Cluster Limited (AACL).

Senior AACL officials said that the entrepreneurs would provide Rs 20,000 for each acre that is being used by them to develop the proposed project. The units would be paying the amount in three instalments.

If an entrepreneur is a creative person, or someone who takes risks and innovates, then small-scale farmers are definitely entrepreneurs. Their role as such, however, faces many challenges, of which accessing markets is only one of them.

Leslie D'Monte / New Delhi May 19, 2009, 0:35 IST

Bishnu Dash / Bhubaneswar April 14, 2009, 0:50 IST

With a view to meeting the infrastructure needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the state, the Orissa government plans to set up exclusive industrial parks for these units.

The vast majority of jobs in the private sector of Pakistan are generated in the small enterprise sector. Update Asian Development Bank (ADB) studies shows that small enterprises, comprising 1-4 people, employ almost 95 percent of the total labour force. On the other hand, Pakistan has an insignificant "medium" sector that employs only five percent of the labour force.

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