Indian officials indicated that they would not be able to support the implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) unless they see their concerns on food security addressed, according to multiple media reports. The news, coming just ahead of a key WTO meeting, has reignited old tensions among the global trade body’s members while leaving the next steps for the TFA unclear.

The ability of developing and least-developed countries to procure affordable generic medicines continues to be hampered by a lack of transparency in patent information. While there has been an increase in electronic patent information since TRIPS, much more still needs be done.

A rarely-used system intended to help poor countries import generic versions of patent-protected drugs was the main focus of discussions at the October session of the TRIPS Council. Developing countries also raised serious concerns over the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

Vying for a bigger slice of the clean technology pie and attendant domestic jobs, the US is looking into launching WTO complaints over China

The emerging dispute on the European Union

A controversy between Nestl

Negotiators beat low expectations in Cancun by forging agreement on several steps that will advance international co-operation on climate change.

Beyond Doha Round technicalities, the broader economic debate is focused on

In early May, WTO delegates gave a mixed welcome to proposed exemptions for developing countries from new disciplines on subsidies that contribute to an over-sized fishing effort and an alarming decline in fish stocks around the world.

Just two days before trade sanctions were to be imposed in the cotton dispute, Brazil and the United States reached a compromise agreement, which may finally yield the subsidy reforms that Brasilia has been seeking from Washington for nearly a decade.