The confiscation by Dutch customs authorities of a shipment of the pharmaceutical

Sparked by the confiscation of a generic drugs shipment in Amsterdam in December, and similar incidents that have come to light since, poor countries

Last November in Beijing, government officials representing member states of the World Health Organisation adopted a declaration that provides a powerful endorsement of traditional medicine and may one day become the foundation for a legally binding resolution.

Both EU member states and the European Parliament agreed in December upon legislation to combat climate change, but critics claim that the compromise deal contains too many loopholes.

in the current environment of high world prices on important food commodities

The European Union is in danger of losing its self-assigned role as the champion of climate change mitigation with member states increasingly worried about the economic implications of taking on far-reaching commitments.

On 25 July 2008, WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy suggested compromise figures for the key stumbling blocks that threatened to derail the Geneva mini-ministerial. The document raises a number of questions with regard to market access for sensitive agricultural products.

Economics is abstract but not unfathomable. The truth of that statement can be seen in the attempt to elaborate a multilateral regime for

Finland is counting on the European Commission to use Russia

New reports have rung alarm bells over the net benefits of biofuels, particularly those produced in the Northern hemisphere from feedstocks that could also serve as food and are grown on agricultural land. Trade-related concerns are also becoming more prominent.