The methodology for ground water resources estimation is based on relatively sound scientific basis. It also meets adequately well the practical requirements for formulating rational ground water development strategies.

Sinking feeling: water demand has surged with increased rice growing in Punjab. Weak monsoon rains this year have exacerbated the shortfall
Punjab is the granary of India thanks to marvels of Victorian engineering such as the Roper Headworks.

International experts have called for urgent changes to the way water is used in farming throughout Asia.

Asia accounts for 70% of the world

A careful analysis of the computed Agricultural Development Indices for different districts of Orissa reveals that the four coastal districts (Balasore, Cuttack, Puri and Ganjam) and two districts of central table land area (Sambalpur and Bolangir) are agriculturally more advanced than other districts in the three reference years over three decades (1980-81, 1998-99).

A pit, about 35 feet deep and 35 feet wide, has developed near Sukkur Barrage

The Awami League government has initiated the process of construction of the Ganges Barrage for facilitating poverty reduction and economic growth through an integrated water management project in the country

Soil infiltration and resistance to flow offered by soil and crop has a major influence on the entry of water below the soil surface in border-check irrigation. They are the key factors affecting the design of border-checks and need to be determined accurately. However, they change over the course of time, space and growing season, influencing the desing of border-checks.

The famous work of Hardin on 'The Tragedy of the Commons' explains why the Common Pool Resources (CPR) or Open Access Resources are over-exploited, degraded or depleted.