Reliance on natural succession to restore sand tin tailings without any human aid can be very slow. Natural regeneration after up to 11 years on tin-mined land in Indonesia was dominated by shrub species of the Cyperaceae and Poacceae families while shrub species of the Myrtaceae family were still common on 38-year old tin-mined lands.

PANGKALPINANG, Indonesia: Tin mining on these sleepy islands east of Sumatra has brought wealth, but at a price; it is literally eating away at the land.

In India, mining is one of the main economic activities since time immemorial, giving rise to a long historical tradition of artisanal mining. As modern mining rose during the colonial occupation, artisanal mining activities began to be overlooked and this great tradition became obscure.

The Brussels-based International Crisis Group (icg) recently indi

Unrestricted tin mining has destroyed the Jos plateau in Nigeria

A recent Supreme Court ruling prevents Britannia Biscuits Co from recycling its tin containers. Ending what may have been an interesting environment-friendly scheme, the court ruled that the the