A lack of progress in forest-tenure reform is hindering action to stop deforestation and alleviate poverty among some of the world's poorest rural peoples. The failure to ensure land rights for local communities-particularly indigenous peoples and women-in the forests of Central and West Africa will impede efforts to stop deforestation.

Reliance on natural succession to restore sand tin tailings without any human aid can be very slow. Natural regeneration after up to 11 years on tin-mined land in Indonesia was dominated by shrub species of the Cyperaceae and Poacceae families while shrub species of the Myrtaceae family were still common on 38-year old tin-mined lands.

In less than a generation oil palm cultivation has emerged as a leading form of land use in tropical forests, especially in Southeast Asia. Rising global demand for edible oils, coupled with the crop

This article reviews existing widely used data through a specific lens: how does the world


An ITTO-sponsored project has supported a public-private partnership to promote the adoption of good forest management practices in the Brazilian Amazon.

In recent years the underlying drivers of tropical deforestation have shifted profoundly, prompting conservationists to reassess their strategies for protecting forests. Those in the tropical timber industry need to think hard and fast about these new realities. If they fail to do so, they will increasingly be considered part of the forest-conservation problem, rather than part of the solution.

An ITTO-sponsored workshop starts a process aimed at improving India