Ambur, Vaniyambadi and Pernambut areas are reportedly bearing the brunt

Bleaching unit owners here have come up with a demand that the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board should not insist upon them to implement the zero liquid discharge (ZLD) norms as no salts or hazardous chemicals were used in the bleaching process.

Arbout 26 per cent of the water samples collected by the Bathinda health authorities in eight months (between January and August) have failed the bacteriological test during first testing, conducte

It is obvious that the surface waters of the Hussainsagar are polluted, but according to a study, the pollution extends to the depths of the historic lake, poisoning aquatic life and birds. The immersion of Ganesh idols only makes a bad situation worse.

The panel was formed following crisis in the cluster because of the closure of dyeing units by the Madras High Court for causing pollution to River Noyyal despite the earlier court orders asking the units to follow zero liquid discharge (ZLD) norms strictly.

JAISALMER: Young people have started looking old due to the increasing fluoride content in water in many villages of Jaisalmer and Barmer districts. This is serious as problem of hunchback and bone related diseases are on rise. Besides, people avoid marrying someone from these villages.

Dozens of families in Balu village of Barmer look old despite being young and many have developed hunchback.

Chennai The Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), a constituent body of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has developed a technology that checks pollution due to effluents from leather units.

The technology, called SRIOM (Salt Recovery from Inorganic and Organic Mixture), helps separate sodium chloride and calcium chloride contained in the evaporated residue of reve

The groundwater chemistry in the shallow aquifers of the coastal zone of Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India have been examined in detail. Results, in general, indicate that the groundwaters is more or less deteriorated.

Level of Total Dissolved Solids has begun to surge
Tirupur: Farmers on the banks of the River Noyyal, affected by the discharge of dyeing effluents for almost two decades till the Madras High Court ordered closure of all dyeing units in Tirupur cluster for violation of pollution norms, look worried again.

Not ready for any compromise with dyers
Stance conveyed to government Tirupur: Farmers living alongside River Noyyal, who faced the brunt of the indiscriminate effluent discharge from dyeing units, are firm on their decision that they would not be ready for any compromise with dyers other than ensuring of zero liquid discharge (ZLD).