The Union government has come out with fresh guidelines to determine quality of water in rivers and other water bodies. The notification, which was issued by the ministry of environment forests and climate change (MoEF), contains 14 points and states the desired levels in each parameter that will be used to determine quality.

Tap water in many parts of the Capital is fit for drinking without further filtration, says a recent study conducted by a consumer rights’ group.

The upcoming capital city of Amaravati is likely to face a severe shortage of potable water.

Groundwater in areas falling in the northern coastal region of East Coast Road has been growing saline over the past few years.

NOIDA: Across Noida, residents are complaining they are being denied potable Ganga water supply, allegedly because of silt deposits in the pipeline.

The following draft notification, which the Central Government proposes to issue under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986), is hereby published for the information of public likely to be affected thereby; and the notice is hereby given that the said draft notification shall be taken into consideration on or after the expiry of a

51 out of 83 locations spread across 40 important rivers at interstate borders are polluted with respect to Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) says this new CPCB report on water quality of interstate rivers and recommends sewage treatment plants for all towns and cities.

Proposal sent to seek approval from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board

The high court on Monday pulled up the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) officials for not taking action against units letting out contaminated water into the TG Halli reservoir.

VADODARA: With surface water becoming insufficient for consumption, ground water is the only option left to meet the city's demand.