Gridded rainfall data of 0.5×0.5° resolution (CRU TS 3.21) was analysed to study long term spatial and temporal trends on annual and seasonal scales in Wainganga river basin located in Central India during 1901–2012. After testing the presence of autocorrelation, Mann–Kendall (Modified Mann–Kendall) test was applied to non-auto correlated (auto correlated) series to detect the trends in rainfall data. Theil and Sen׳s slope estimator test was used for finding the magnitude of change over a time period.

Greenpeace, an NGO working for environment protection, has demanded assessment of water diversion to power plants in the state following the water position in reservoirs of Marathwada.

Water at 75 locations of major rivers, such as Ganga, Yamuna, Chambal, Sone and Wainaganga are not fit for drinking, the Government said in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

The state government's environment department had formulated guidelines to ensure safe distance between rivers and industries to ensure rivers are conserved and quality of water in rivers also impr

Project-affected villagers pitch for technical and financial audit

It took 37 years to complete the Rajiv Sagar project on the tributary of the Wainganga river in the Godawari basin. The project, a joint venture between the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh governments, was started in 1975, with an approved cost of Rs 23 crore. However, this rose to a whopping Rs 1,407 crore. While Maharashtra contributed Rs 749 crore, Rs 658 crore came from Madhya Pradesh.

Mumbai: It’s a flood of money, not water, that’s flowing into Maharashtra’s dam projects.

Congress unhappy with Bill that seeks to divert water meant for agriculture

The hasty passing of The Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (amendment) Bill, 2011 late last Wednesday in the State assembly has given rise to fresh animosity between the ruling coalition partners, the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

On Monday, the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committ

250,800 hectares of agricultural land to be irrigated by Gosikhurd dam reservoir Nagpur, Bhandara and Chandrapur districts to benefit Rs 7,777.85 crore is the cost of the project 91 villages in the three districts to get submerged including 14 now More than 100,000 people living in the 91 villages to be displaced

14 villages in Vidarbha to drown as authorities hurry dam project ahead of elections a decision to close the gates of Gosikhurd dam on the Wainganaga river in Maharashtra